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About Jessie


Jessie Funk has given motivational speeches to over one million teenagers over 16 years. She is a speaker, author, therapist, and fierce youth advocate. She has written two books for teens and is currently in her doctorate degree. Jessie has directed dozens of workshops, week-long summer camps and has taken groups of teens to Ghana, Africa on humanitarian trips. 


She has dedicated her life to empowering our future leaders with the tools they need to be confident, courageous leaders!


Jessie's Biggest Dream

This is the one dream Jessie is determined to manifest in her lifetime. She wants to be a therapist and direct her own summer camp facility every day, for the rest of her life. She dreams of sitting around a campfire with groups of incredible future leaders, helping them realize they truly ARE the hero of their story. She won't stop working until it happens, that's why 100% of the proceeds of any of our products will go straight to helping Jessie's vision come to life! 

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